2020 Conference Preview

Bishop Ryan Reed

Fort Worth Men’s Conference Leader

We are pleased to announce the 14th Annual Men’s Conference will be lead by Bishop  Reed.  On February 7th and 8th, Bishop Reed will share his vision for our diocesan men’s ministry and teach us the divine importance discipleship.

Conference Theme:  Equip, Empower & Engage

Bishop Reed offers the following questions for consideration:

• How can I deepen my discipleship?
• What role can I play in making disciples?
• How can I help my congregation be a disciple-making community?
• How can the leadership of men impact the Church in a positive way?

Online registration is January 1st – February 7th  2020.

SFG_2274reed.jpg    men’s

ministries of

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2 thoughts on “2020 Conference Preview

    1. Hello Mathew, sorry for the inconvenience. What web browser are you using? I just tried Safari and Chrome, both of them worked on my end. Also I assume you clicked the link that said “register here” on the registration page.

      Follow this to register. If no hotlink appears, please copy and paste in your browser.

      God bless you and may we all be encouraged and grow in Christ at this years men’s Conference.


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